Who are we?

We are the Linkers, we make connections that last!
We are committed to linking great organizations with even greater people

Link Employment Solution is a leading recruitment agency that specializes in linking great organization with the highest quality candidates in the marketplace. Our approach is to establish a true business relationship where we understand your business and your candidate needs and offer end to end recruitment services backed by talented recruit with basic experience.

Here at link, we pride ourselves as a vibrant recruitment agency with a firm grasp of the workforce in Ethiopia. We are an energized and dedicated team that employs innovative approaches in customizing services that bridge the gap between job candidates and employers.

Our extensive experience allows our clients to place trust in us to provide viable choices based on their requirements, making the process a time efficient and easy procedure and offer end to end recruitment service.

At link, our teams are constantly monitoring the present work force market, working as a collective to deliver results in an expedient manner. We are a team of recruitment industry professionals who enjoy delivering high quality recruitment outcomes and take great pride in being the agency that builds long lasting relationships. We will be there today, and beyond tomorrow in ensuring you and your team receive high quality recruitment outcomes every time.

Our service allows clients to enhance & expand their recruiting functions without having to invest additional resource in HR.

You can rely on end-to-end recruitment services and consulting capability, recruitment experience within the team and experience in the IT sector. Link offers a broad depth of recruitment across the board, strengthening our partnership approach to better serve our clients.