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Our mission is to link great organizations with even greater people. So, let’s get linked.

It’s is all about making links that count and links that last. When we make a linking or an introduction it is one that delivers mutually beneficial outcomes that are positive and long lasting. Connections that help people in business achieve their goals and career objectives. An introduction that may lead to that next great career opportunity or one that just might be the one that ends up being a great conversation over a glass of wine.

Many of our clients today, are as a result of an introduction or a prior link. Candidates, who are part of our historical links, are now proud clients that have great things to say about the services we provide.

We are the linkers, the linkers of people for career enhancement or future business opportunities!

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Specialist Recruitment Services

Our partnership approach is about understanding your specific recruitment requirements and being able to make a difference in recruiting the right people that have common goals and a passion for your organization, just as much as you do. We ensure there is something else in the recruitment process that really adds value to the whole process. One that will always exceed your expectations and delivers positive recruitment outcomes.

Our team has delivered quality recruitment outcomes for many clients from many different backgrounds and needs. It is all about you, your organization and ensuring we link first time and every time!

A true business partnership delivering high quality recruitment outcomes.

Mobile Capability

These days, we’re always working on-the-go. So our teams have a fully functional mobile platform that lets our recruiter’s access candidates, contacts, jobs, and placements; and our candidates’ to access recruiter’s job title, specification, contact or address wherever they are.

Additionally the candidates can easily register on the app by uploading their CV and credentials. The recruiters can also easily post the job with little specification and job title and we will do the rest by placing the searched with the searcher. 

Viewing resumes and client info will let our team continue making progress on placements, even if we have to be away from the office for a while. These encourage our staff to work 24/7 and to make it easy for us to view a resume or log calls right from our phones.

Talent as a Service

Talent as a Service is a subscription based model for planned recruitment services, where you pay twelve equal monthly payments and receive an agreed number of permanent placements per year. We take the fee stress out of the recruitment process where you as a client can better manage your budget, cash flow and forecasting whilst still receiving the high quality recruitment services you expect.

A real market differentiator where the historical fees based on a single placement have been removed, being replaced with a guaranteed known monthly fee.

This offers cost savings that will reduce your recruitment spend and deliver a faster return on your investment in the recruitment process.